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Winter Lanequest Series 2017/18

August 30, 2017

Looking for some motivation to get out this spring then consider doing our Winter series of Lanequest events we help organise, with Kent Valley Cycling Club. We are running a series of 6 events, the 1st Sunday every month starting from September.

1st Event is from Kendal, based The Factory Tap. Start time 10am. Register between 9am - 10am.

Events List...
Event 1 - from The Factory TAP - 3rd September, organised by Tony Dixon.
2nd Event - 1st October - Sedbergh, organised by Mark Whilacy.
3rd event - 5th November - organised by Bruce Barnes
4th Event - 3rd December - organised by Dan Noblett The Black Labrador. 
5th Event- 4th February - organised by Amanda Howard Oxen Park.
6th Event is on 4th March – organised by Dave Holligham, Endmoor.

To register an interest or that you wish to do these events please email events@giant-kendal.co.uk, or phone 07870434811 to speak to Tony.

Not sure what lanequest is?
Basically, there are 30 checkpoints with, either 10, 20 or 30 points assigned to them and the idea is to get the most amount of points as you can in a 2 hour period. These are great fun events and are very social with food included in your entry fee, please share and follow us on facebook for further updates. Remember its all you people taking part in these events that make them what they are.

All proceeds made from these events are donated to a local charity.